Spading Machine 1.4m

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Hanmey Spader 1.4m


The Hanmey Spader is an ideal Primary tillage tool for low horsepower tractors, making digging quick easy and efficient


-This Spader works like a hand shovel on a crank shaft.

-Each spade takes a turn entering the soil at a different point in rotation of the crank shaft . 

-It can also till damp ground to open it up and dry it out meaning you to work the soil earlier in the season.

-The spading action completely loosens the soil across the bed and its motion does not compact or smear the soil at the bottom of its travel. 

-Unlike a Rotary Hoe it does not leave a layer of compacted soil/hard pan.

-This is good for soil conservation as it doesn't destroy the make up of the soil, it also aerates the soil while maintaining its structure


Specifications Units
Length 1010mm
Width 1420mm
Height 860mm
Weight 300kg
Working width 1320mm
Working depth 120-200mm
Blades 6
Tractor 40-65 HP

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