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Field King 3 Furrow Tyne Ridger


$3,595.00 NZD inc GST

$3,126.10 NZD exc GST

Field king 3 Furrow Tyne Ridger


This Tyne Ridger is suitable for simple ridge making, for planting potatoes, and for vegetables etc. It is ideal for Category 2  50-65 HP tractors on farms, and market gardens. This unit will make 3 furrows/ 2 raised beds with each pass, making your job quick and easy.

Features & Benefits

-Heavy duty box type frame 100mm x100mm x6mm

-The wing angle can be changed as per requirement.

-The width between ridges can be easily spaced (widened or narrowed) as per crop requirement.

-Simple and strong construction with replaceable pieces in treated steel

-Category 2 Pins




Overall Width

 Length 1100mm


Weight 200Kg
Tractor 45-85 HP
Linkage Category 2,3 pt Link
 Maximum width of ridges 900mm
Ridge height 330mm
Maximum distance between tynes (adjustable) 1000mm
Frame dimensions 100mm x100mm x6mm