Agrivator Aerator AV200

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Agrivator Aerator AV200 with Seeder Combo


The AV series 'Agrivator' is a heavy duty 3 point linkage rolling tine Aerator. Ideal for shattering and allowing water absorption into the soil an

expansion of root zone in pasture and crops.

-1.9m aeration width ASB seeder option:

-2 Seedboxes are mounted in modules across the rear of the aerator. Each module is 900mm wide, and has 6 drops at 150mm spacing

-Approximately 30L capacity per module



-1.9m aeration width

-Two rotors in all models

-Large 125 x 125 RHS tube, main frame

-Extra large 70mm greasable rotor bearings

-4 angle adjustments from 0 - 10°

-High wear resistant tines

-Cat '1' and '2' clevis hitch 3 point linkage

-Tow hitch point for harrows, etc

-Park stands x 4 for storage

-Weight locations either side of centre backstay

-High Quality Painted Finish (galvanised finish optional)



-ASB Seeder Option (see video below)

-Agriharroz Spring tine Harrows (see video below)




Overall Width


Aeration Width

 Length 1100mm


Weight 500kg
Tractor  Category 1 and 2 35HP+
Linkage  3 point linkage, CAT 1+2 clevis hitch
Rotors x2
Rotor Bearings 70mm
Main frame RHS tube 125x125mm
Tines 40
Seed box width 90mm
Seeder spacing 6 drops at 150mm
Seeder Capacity 30L


Agriharroz Spring tine Harrows:




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