Bison MCC 7/9/11 Subsoiler chisel plough

Price: $8,995.00 Inc GST

Bison MCC 7/9/11  Subsoiler multi cultivator has a 3.36M wide frame giving a working width of 3.5m and can be fitted with 7 optional to fit  ,9 or 11 shanks.

Made in North America and deesigned to rip and remove in one step allowing a deeper penetration and breaking up the top soil and shatter. As a result it provides oxygen to the earth.

The shanks can be located at any distance between them on the 150x100mm heavy wall  frame , the two parallel  beams design reduces the use of power required. , Having the rippers mounted on 2 bars  , one infront of the other  provides fluid incorporation of the harvest waste avoiding  build up on shanks. This function makes it unique in the market.

Available with Seven  nine or eleven shanks (adjustable spacing). The  shanks are 1"1/4 thick heavy duty steel with replacable wear points.  The thanks are  Mounted with a 5/8 / 16mm Shear bolt. 

Optional Pulveriser roller shown in some of the photos is an extra 

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