Bison Subsoiler Multi Cultivator Ripper MCC-3/5/7

Price: $7,995.00 inc GST

The Bison MCC3/5/7 Subsoiler Ripper Multi Cultivator , is designed to rip and remove in one step and permitting a deep penetration thats break up and shatters the top soil as a result it provides oxygen to the earth.

The Ripper shanks spacing and quantity can be adjusted and there two parallel bars reduces the use of power. Each ripper shank has shear bolt protection( 5/8 -16mm Shearbolt)

The main frame has two bars that permit shanks to be located at spacing of your choice along them .

OPTIONAL Rear Pulveriser roller

Shanks: 5 shanks included OPTIONAL more shanks can be added - up to 7 total
Distance between Shank: 300-500mm with 5 shanks or 300mm with 7 shanks
Number of Shank Positions: 3 5 7 variable
Maximum Penetration: 650mm
Working Width: 5 shanks 1.5m -2.4m
Min Tractor Requirement: 85 HP with 5 shanks
3 Point Linkage: CAT 2

Weight: 610 KG with 5 shanks

Made in North America


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