Bison SVH 9-5 Subsoiler Ripper 2.4m

Price: $7,595.00 inc GST

Bison SVH 9-5 Subsoiler ,
The Ideal Solution for Ripping the Deep-Penetrating Shanks Break Up Topsoil and Shatter Compacted Sub Surface Layers. As a Result, the Air and Water are Better Absorbed Throughout the Soil, Promoting Plant Growth.

Equipped with Five Widely Spaced Shanks (Adjustable 9 Positions on the frame).
Adjustable Shank Height and Hassle-Free Replacement of Wearable Points and leading edges
Number of Shanks 5
Shank Width 32mm
Number of Shank Positions 9
Maximum Penetration 460mm
Work Depthness 355mm
Working Width 2.4m
Minimum Tractor HP Required 90 HP
Parking Stand
Hitch 3-Point, Cat. II
Approx. Weight 510 KG
Distance Between Shanks 380mm x 470mm
Frame width 2060mm

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES adjustable Soil pulverising roller for breaking up clods(shown in some photos but not included)


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