Field Roller 2.75m

Price: $15,995.00 inc GST

Designed for taking care of paddocks and pastures, sports fields and for installing of lawns. The roller is flattens the top layer of the soil, thus providing better permeability of water, accelerating the development of beneficial soil microflora and decomposition of organic matter. Great for tidying up after stock have pugged up the surface.
Featuring Curved edges so it makes no mess when turning , Hydraulic transport wheels , Ring style draw bar.
Standard Features
2500KG empty weight, 5500KG Filled weight
• 1-piece roller 2.75m wide
• Diameter 1220 mm
• Scraper
• Wall thickness 12 mm
• Two large flood-drain plugs on the side walls
• Weight is regulated by water filling
• Chassis with hydraulic wheels for towing
2500KG empty weight
Overall width 3m

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