Hanmey WCR90 Wood chipper Bio Shredder

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Hanmey WCR90 Bio Shredder/Wood chipper


The WCR90 is a Wood chipper and Bio Shredder combination, which takes garden waste, wood, small twigs and leaves up to 90mm, and shreds them into beautiful 10-40mm wood chips for valuable mulch/compost.


-the WCR90 has a built in hydraulic power pack with a feed roller that feeds the wood into the hopper where the wood is goes into the drum style chipper which also has hammer mill style flails to smash up  smaller pieces of wood and green waste.

- It  has 2 cutting blades (140mm) and 8 hammers that grind up the smallest twigs.

- The cutting diameter is 90mm (maximum size of  unprocessed wood) 

-The chipper is driven with its own gearbox transmission 1:5 ratio so that the engine speed of the tractor can be lowered

-The maximum speed of the PTO is 400 RPM then has a 2000 RPM on the cutting disc.

-Manual control for adjusting the hydraulic feed speed

-Suitable for smaller tractors ( category 1) 30HP +  that only have 540 RPM on the PTO.

-PTO with shear bolt protection included.


Specifications Units
Width 1100mm
Length 1200mm
Height 2100mm
Cutting diameter 90mm
Size of unprocessed logs 90mm
size of processed chips 10-40mm
tractor 30HP+
linkage Category 1 3pt linkage


400. (2000 on cutting disc)
Weight 240 KG

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