Hanmey WCR90 Wood chipper Bio Shredder

Price: $5,595.00 inc GST

Hanmey WCR90 Bio Shredder/Wood chipper


The WCR90 is a Wood chipper and Bio Shredder combination, which takes garden waste, wood, small twigs and leaves up to 90mm, and shreds them into beautiful 10-40mm wood chips for valuable mulch/compost.


-the WCR90 has a built in hydraulic power unit and field roller that feeds the wood into the grinder
90mm cutting diameter

- It has 2 cutting blades (140mm) and 8 hammers that grind up the smallest twigs.

- The cutting diameter is 90mm (maximum size of  unprocessed wood) 

-The chipper is driven with its own gearbox transmission 1:5 ratio so that the engine speed of the tractor can be lowered

-The maximum speed of the PTO is 400 RPM then has a 2000 RPM on the cutting disc.

-Manual control for adjusting the hydraulic feed speed

-Suitable for smaller tractors ( category 1) 30HP +  that only have 540 RPM on the PTO.

-PTO with shear bolt protection included.


Specifications Units
Width 1100mm
Length 1200mm
Height 2100mm
Cutting diameter 90mm
Size of unprocessed logs 90mm
size of processed chips 10-40mm
tractor 30HP+
linkage Category 1 3pt linkage


400. (2000 on cutting disc)
Gearbox 1:5 ratio

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