Plastic Mulch Layer ACOL-55

Price: $7,695.00 inc GST

The Bison ACOL-55 Plastic mulcher layer  pulls irrigation tape and places the plastic for mulching in one step.

Robust structure; It has wheels and discs which support the plastic roll, additionally it has a support to store another reserve roll.


Bedform, fertilize, drip tape and place the plastic all in one step.
Efficient equipment with a sturdy frame and adjustable brakes for different width plastic and waist roll holders.
The roll holders have ball bearings. Robust structure with a plastic roll holder and holder to store another additional roll.
Adjustable spring loaded flat plastic tread wheels.
Discs to cover plastic with greasable bushes, and adjustable working angles.
Irrigation belt applicator.
Belt applicators with alignment rollers.
Belt roll braking system.
Grill to cover plastic, with adjustable angle
Suit hp 40+
3 Points Cat. I and II

Weight 870lbs
Height 5’ 11”
Lenght 7’ 8”
Width 5’ 5
Plastic roll holder
Structural tubing & Steel plate
Plastic rolls up to 4’7”

ACOL-55 Green House Plastic Mulch Layer

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