RP120 Professional Branch Logger

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RP120 Professional Branch Logger

The 'Red Dragon' is designed for cutting branches up to 110mm (perfect for speedy processing of firewood).

It is 100% designed and assembled by Remet CNC. The 'cutting edge" of Polish wood processing technology.

This logger is compatible with Cat 1 and 2 tractors, attached by a 3 point linkage

The frame is of reinforced precision steel construction, and fully weldable

It offers support and expansion to the fold-out inlet hopper and is reinforced with a safety switch, operated from the tractor.

The cutting blades ( 6 knives) are Hardox abrasion resistant steel) providing axis alignment and durability.

There is adjustable clearance between the blades.

There is a flywheel/ pulley for comfortable effective operation.

Includes PTO shaft with sheer-pin coupling for safety and to avoid overload.


Minimum/recommended power
35 HP 

Number of cutters/knives

Recommended PTO drive speed
about 540 rpm

Max cutting diameter of branches

dry hard wood 90 mm

fresh hard wood 100 mm

fresh soft wood 110 mm

Length of processed logs

6 blades 8-15 cm

Maximum efficiency

10 m3/h

Internal width of cutting mechanism
180 mm

Blade manufacture
HARDOX steel type 500

Thickness of blade
10 mm

Diameter of gears (induction hardened)
200 mm

Hopper (dimensions)
620/380 mm

Three-point linkage

Trailer attachment: towing power
1000 kg

230 kg

Overload protection

Emergency switch
Can connect to PTO in tractor


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