Sierra Box Blade 5ft

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Sierra box blades the best partner for your tractor when landscaping, land levelling, back filling trenches, preparing for turf, track /driveway grading and many other applications!




Sierra 5ft (1.5m) Box Blade


This famously strong and efficient box blade is the quickest easiest implement for all your landscaping applications. Everything from tidying up rutted gravel driveways, land levelling, turf and track preparation, and back filling trenches can be done with minimal wastage as they carry the material with them, and fill in the holes and ruts as they go.



-Ideal for smaller sized tractors 20-45 HP

-Famously strong design, gusseted side walls and sturdy reinforced Headstock

-Clevis hitch points for strength, and speedy connection and removal of implement.

-Dual category linkage pins allow for use on different sized tractors

-Also Quick hitch compatible

-Height adjustable Ripper Shanks

-Reversable curved profile cutting edges. one forward facing, one rear facing, so it can be used to push and pull material. 

-These are mounted on the mold board at the rear of the box, and smooth out the ground once its been scarified.

 -Sierra box blades are easy to use and take some skill and the hassle out of grading and leveling thats associated with regular grader blades . 




Overall Width

1560 mm
Cutting Width 1520 mm
Depth 550 mm

Moldboard Height

Weight 220kg

Hitch points

Clevis style

Linkage 3 pt linkage  Category 1-2
Number of Ripper Shanks 5
Tractor power range 25-45 HP
Capacity volume 0.36m3

Steel thickness on side panels

Steel thickness of Mold board 5mm
Steel thickness of headstock  10mm
Ripper Shanks working depth 150 mm below the blade

Ripper Shanks Section depth


Ripper shank thickness



Designed and proven in NZ

12 month warranty

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