NVHL270XHD Extra Heavy Duty 2.7m GRADER BLADE 160 HP

Price: $9,595.00 Inc GST $9,995.00 Inc GST

The Bison NHVL 270 XHD Grader blade is a top-of-the-line blade rated for use on tractors up to 160 HP and features full hydraulic controls for precision blade adjustment in all directions from the tractor seat.

The NVHL Series is designed for heavy duty work and gives you the confidence to tackle the toughest jobs! It has massive 3" diameter solid steel main king pin needed for such a substantial blade . With a all up weight of 710 KG perfectly balanced to place the weight right on the cutting edge where you need it. All pivot points are designed and built to exacting tolerances for long wear life and dependable service.

The hitch on this blade has Cat 2 and 3 dual category pins with adjustable clevises and an integrated parking stand for easy hookup .

Moldboard is thoroughly reinforced for superior strength and is features a 1/2" x 6" grader-type high wear steel cutting edge that is reversible, featuring bevels on both edges for twice the work life, and replaceable for even greater functionality.

Ditching and water table jobs can be accomplished quickly and easily with hydraulic tilt adjustment and offset to work out side the width of the tractor.

Leveling wheel with hydrualic or manual adjustment..


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