FUSJ 1.8m Flail Mower with Hydraulic Side Shift and pruning rakes

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Mateng FUSJ 1.8m Flail-mower, with Hydraulic Side Shift and pruning rakes


Mateng FUSJ 1.8m is the perfect implement to tackle Heavy duty jobs like mulching, mowing and pruning up to 60-70mm on orchards, vineyards, and farmland . This Heavy duty machine, with Hydraulic side shift for manouvreing performs perfectly in more challenging terrain and conditions



-Suitable for 45-90 HP tractors with CAT 2 linkage

-Simple height adjustment with heavy duty rear roller.

-Fitted with 14 forged hardened flail hammers to provide a great mulched finish from scrub to fine lawn

-Self cleaning rear roller

-Hydraulic side shift with hoses and quick release couplers

-Adjustable 209mm-40mm-60mm side skids

-Pruning rakes


  • Specifications


    Overall Width

    Cutting Width 1800mm
    Depth 810mm

    Overall Height

    Weight 520 kg
    Linkage 3 pt linkage Category 2
    Number of hammers 14
    Tractor power range  45-90 HP 
    Blade Axle RPM


    Rotor size

    127x 8mm

    Overall diameter of blades on rotor 


    Number of Belts 4 (Gates V Belts)
    PTO Series 4
    Steel thickness on body 5mm
    Side plate thickness 8mm
    Offset dimensions (fully adjustable) left of centre 650mm: right of centre 1400mm
    Offset left of centre 1000mm: right of centre 1005mm

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