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Novaquip Dirt Scoop 1.4m


$1,195.00 NZD inc GST

$1,039.15 NZD exc GST

3 Point Linkage Mounted Tipping Dirt Scoop 1.4m


The Novaquip 3pt Linkage Tipping Dirt Scoop is an affordable yet high-quality alternative to the front-end loader, for transporting materials around your site. Perfect for moving topsoil, mulch, roading metal etc. All using the 3-point linkage of your tractor.

Simply back the scoop into the pile, raise the 3-point linkage and drive off.

There is a pull cord mechanism to trip a latch which releases the contents. Simply lower back down to the ground to rest the scoop

Features & Benefits

  • Load capacity up to  700kg.
  • 10mm thick hardened steel cutting edge gives excellent penetration and durability.
  • The scoop tips from the middle rather than the rear, meaning it does not need to be lifted as high off the ground for it to tip to empty.
  • Safety pin facility to avoid tipping out contents unintentionally while on the road.



Specifications Units
Overall width 1430 mm 
Weight 170kg 
Overall height 1100 mm 
Tractor Power Range 30-50 Hp 
3-point linkage Cat. 1-2 (ø 19.0-22.0mm / 25.0-28.0 mm) 
Bucket Width 1400 mm 
Load capacity 700 Kg 
Rated bucket Capacity 0.39 m3 
Cutting Edge Thickness 10 mm 
Base Edge Thickness 6 mm 
Bucket Height 440 mm 
Bucket Length 800 mm 
Overall Length 1000 mm 
3-point linkage Thickness 12.0 mm 
Spacing between the 2 lower linkage points 660 - 935 mm