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Tipping Dirt Scoop 1.6m


$1,995.00 NZD inc GST

$1,734.81 NZD exc GST

3 Point Linkage Mounted Tipping Dirt Scoop (1.6m)


The Novaquip 3pt Linkage Tipping Dirt Scoop is an affordable, high-quality alternative to the front-end loader, for transporting materials around your site. Perfect for moving topsoil, mulch, roading metal etc.

Features & Benefits

  • This high-quality, durable dirt scoop is easy to operate. Simply back the scoop into the pile, raise the 3-point linkage and drive off.
  • There is a pull cord mechanism to trip a latch which releases the contents. Simply lower back down to the ground to rest the scoop
  • The scoop has CAT 1 and CAT 2 pins and is a suitable size for tractors from 40-90 HP.
  • Heavy duty build allows loading up to 700kg of load
  •  It can also be used for digging, levelling, grading and dumping a variety of applications and materials.
  • The innovative weight distribution design lifts the box from the middle rather than the rear meaning you don't have to lift it as high for it to dump out completely.
  • Safety pin facility to avoid tipping out contents unintentionally while on the road.





Overall width 1620.0 mm 
Weight 198. kg 
Overall height 935.0 mm 
Tractor Power Range 40 - 90 Hp 
3-point linkage Cat. 1-2 (ø 19.0-22.0mm / 25.0-28.0 mm) 
Bucket Width 1600.0 mm 
Load capacity 700.0 Kg 
Rated bucket Capacity 0,50 m3 
Cutting Edge Thickness 10.0 mm 
Base Edge Thickness 6.0 mm 
Bucket Height 520.0 mm 
Bucket Length 800.0 mm 
Overall Length 1000.0 mm 
3-point linkage Thickness 12.0 mm 
Spacing between the 2 lower points 660.0 - 935.0 mm 
Tipping degrees 80° 



12-month warranty