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Sierra Verge mower for Compact tractors 1.4m


$4,595.00 NZD inc GST

$3,995.66 NZD exc GST


The Sierra SAGL145 Verge Flail Mower is a rear-mounted PTO-driven flail mower mounted on a hydraulic arm giving it the ability to reach out past the side of the tractor and tilt up or down to ideal for mowing verges, orchards and various inclining and declining terrain. This model is the ideal weight for compact tractors from 30-45 HP.

Features & Benefits :

  • Suitable for mowing roadside verges, tree trimming and general mulching.
  • Hydraulic side adjustment( lateral movement from behind the tractor to outside the tractor on right-hand side)
  • Hydraulic tilt adjustment;( can angle down into drains and angle up vertically to trim hedges/ tree lines.
  • Adjustable Rear roller and side skids to regulate the cutting height
  • Opening the back door for mulching of tall grass and for easy maintenance access.
  • 50 HP Gearbox 
  • Hammer flails 
  • Front Safety flaps
  • Includes PTO shaft 


Model SAGL-145
Suited to: 30 - 45hp Tractors
3-Point Linkage: Cat. 1
Offset: Hydraulic Reach

Reach Angle Up: 90 Degrees
Reach Angle Down: 45 Degrees
Weight: 285kg
Gearbox: 50hp
Cutting Width: 1400mm
Blade Type: Hammer
PTO: 540 RPM.


To run this mower your tractor will require 2 pairs of double-acting hydraulic outlets at the rear of the tractor. ie you need a lever to control the left and right off-set and a lever that will adjust the tilt up and down.

Warranty 1 year