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Garlic Planter Automatic 5 row

Implements Direct

$9,995.00 NZD inc GST

$8,691.32 NZD exc GST

Garlic Planter. Automatic 5 Row 


This is an adjustable ground-driven planter, suitable for tractors with  Category 2 3-point linkage. Its quality design and materials are manufactured in the EU. 

This is a 5-row automatic Garlic planter, that can also used for planting broad beans, onions, tulips, etc.

They can be used in small and medium
size farms. The planting machines can
be configured to the requirements
of the farmers growing garlic,
spring onions, tulips, saffron and beans.

Features & Benefits

  • Smoothly adjustable row spacing:
  • 5 – rows up to 22 cm
  • Planting density can be regulated with gear wheels  with 3 settings, 80, 120, and 150mm
  • Planting depth is regulated with front wheels.
  • Seating for 2 people
  • Adjustable furrowing and furrow closure 





Overall Width

1540 mm
Planting Width Adjustable from 100-220mm
Planting rows 5
 Length 2200mm


Weight 349kg
Planting depth Adjustable spacing, depending on the needs of the farmer
Planting density Adjustable gears to 80mm. 120mm, 150mm
Tractor 45HP Category 2

Made in the EU