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Sierra Post Hole Borer Hydraulic Down Force (No Auger)


$2,795.00 NZD inc GST

$2,595.00 NZD inc GST

$2,256.54 NZD exc GST

Sierra Post Hole Borer with Hydraulic downforce (No Auger)


Got Post holes to dig?  trees to plant?A Sierra PTO Post Hole borer with Downforce will help you dig holes with your tractor in the harder ground, making big jobs that much easier. It is designed to meet the applications of landscapers, lifestyle block owners, nurseries, and farmers.



-Shearbolt-protected 50 HP gearbox, with 2" output shaft gives you the wider choice of many auger manufacturers who use this almost industry standard 50mm size.

-Sierra has used a reinforced 100mm square steel tube boom.

-With Cat 1 and Cat 2 lower linkage holes, this machine will fit 18-100HP tractors.

-However, it does require a CAT 2 (25mm) top link pin to mount on the tractor.

-It comes with Category 2 lower pins supplied. 

-Sierra Post hole augers have replaceable hardened steel cutting tips, the most common replaceable tips available.

-A PTO shaft with a shear bolt yoke is included. When digging holes you know your tractor drive line is protected if you hit an unexpected obstacle.

- Your tractor requires 1 double-acting hydraulic circuit to control the hydraulic up and down of the post-hole digger. The 3-point linkage hydraulics must be in the float position and the auxiliary control used to lift the post-hole digger up and down to operate. 

Specifications Units
Length 1930mm
Width 850mm
Height 370mm
Weight 130kg
Tractor 18-100 HP tractors but more suited to 30HP +
Linkage  CAT 1 (19mm) top link: CAT 1 and CAT 2 lower linkage holes
Frame size  100mm x 100mm
Materials reinforced steel frame  with powder-coated finish
PTO Series 4 with shear bolt yoke
Gearbox  50HP with 2" output shaft