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2 Row Potato Planter


$4,895.00 NZD inc GST

$4,256.54 NZD exc GST

2 Row Potato Planter


This Zagroda 2 Row Potato Planter is designed and manufactured by one of Europe's leading planter manufacturers. It can also be used for planting onions and garlic etc, by using an optional small cup adaptor.

It is designed with Category 1 and 2, 3 Point Linkage

In one pass the planter performs all tasks to plant the potato it makes furrows, automatically plants the seed potatoes and forms the ridge.

Potatoes can be planted in the distance between rows 625mm / 675 mm or 700 / 750 mm And the seed can be spaced in variable distances in a row (290mm, 320 mm and 350 mm) with the adjustment of the metal wheels diameter  

The planting depth is 100 - 150 mm.


-3-point linkage Category I or II 

- Adjustable Inter-row spacing

-Tank capacity 180kg

-Rubber protection to bottom of tank

-Adjustable planting depth

-2 Ridger blades

-Metal wheels (adjustable diameter and spacing)

-Cup adaptors available for small potatoes or garlic etc




Overall Width


Tank Capacity


 Length 1000mm


Weight 208kg
Space between the rows 625mm- 675mm or 700/750mm
Distance between potatoes in the same row 290mm/ 320mm/ 350mm
Adjustable planting depth 100-150mm
Linkage 3 point linkage, Category 1 and 2


Made in the EU