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3 Point Linkage Mounted Log Splitter


$3,295.00 NZD inc GST

$2,995.00 NZD inc GST

$2,604.37 NZD exc GST

Sierra  SHLS400 Log Splitter  3-point linkage mounted


The Sierra log splitter is well designed with safety in mind and quality built log splitting machine for your tractor

It can be connected to category 1 or 2 tractor 3-point linkage making it easy to transport and adjust the working height.

This model is powered by your tractor's own hydraulics, and its 100mm diameter ram and 400mm stroke give it quicker splitting time than other splitters making it an excellent choice for speed and efficiency when it comes to tractor-powered log splitters

Features & Benefits

  •  3 Point linkage mounted makes it easy to transport and adjust the working table height
  • Powered by your tractor's own hydraulics, the splitter includes hoses with male quick-release couplers to plug into your tractor's rear hydraulic outlets.
  •  It requires 1  hydraulic feed and 1 hydraulic return port on your tractor.
  • The splitter has a 100 mm diameter hydraulic ram with a 45mm spear, which will produce different splitting performances depending on the output of your tractor's hydraulic pump output.
  • Category 1 and 2 Linkage pins included 
  • Operators' manual and manual holder included
  • Large work table (1200mm X 600mm)giving you plenty of space to rotate and manoeuvre the log.
  • Work table height set by the tractor 3 pt linkage
  • Safety-minded two-handed hydraulic control valve, with a detented auto return.
  • All hydraulic hoses have protective sleeves
  • Built-in fork pockets on the base so it can be easily moved around by forklift, or even fork mounted. There is also a lifting eye on the top for craning. 
  • Quicker splitting time with a 400mm stroke /450mm log capacity, compared with many splitters which use a 600mm long stroke, which leaves you waiting for it to travel down for half the time before it even touches the log.
  • The Centre part of the working table is a 10mm thick steel plate with 10mm gussets and a framework underneath. 


Specifications  Units
 Required Tractor power 35HP +(recommended due to  tractor hydraulic pump size)
 Hydraulic Ram Diameter  100 mm
Splitting power  Dependant on tractor hydraulic output.
Work Table Size 1200 mm x 600 mm
Log Capacity 450 mm height log capacity
Attachment Type 3pt linkage with category 1 and 2 pins, fork pockets
Weight 195 Kg
Height 1570 mm
Width 1200 mm
Depth 765 mm


12 Month warranty

Shipped flat packed, assembly required.