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MX330 Fixed tooth for Mini Excavator


$14,495.00 NZD inc GST

$12,604.37 NZD exc GST

MX330 Brush Mulcher for Mini Excavator


The MX330 lightweight fixed toothbrush mulcher for mini excavators,  with the adequate flow, the MX330 Brush Fire brush mulcher will efficiently cut heavy vegetation and light brush using Green Teeth. The concave-shaped carbide tip provides aggressive brush mulching action by chipping the brush bit by bit. The ease of rotating the teeth means there is always a sharp edge to make mulching easier. With the built-in control and precision of the excavator, mulching around objects is not a problem, whether it’s in a ditch or overhead.

The hitch plate to connect to the excavator and hoses is not included in the price 


Made in Canada

-Integrated Skid Shoes, help the mulcher move smoothly for optimal mulching

-High-speed teeth, concave-shaped providing a precise cutting action by chipping the brush, bit by bit

-Round teeth. 3 teeth in 1. Simply loosen the lock nut and rotate the tooth to a fresh cutting edge, increasing the longevity of the blades

-Heavy Duty tooth holders

-6 free replacement teeth, conveniently located in the operator's manual tube 

-Spiral tooth pattern, allowing one tooth to engage at a time

-Overtorque Protection Relief Valve. This relieves the hydraulic system from pressure spills if the mulcher gets stalled

-Reinforced Belt, absorbing the shock of heavy mulching

-Powder Coated finish

Specifications Units
Path width 965.2 mm  40"
Rotor width 762 mm 30"
Blade-type  Round concave-shaped carbide tip.
Hydraulic Flow Requirement 12-19 GPM 45-72 LPM
Motor type A450 Roller Vane motor,  if over 3000 PSI a case drain is recommended
Cutting depth level
Cutting speed High Speed
Number of Cutters 36
Rotor shaft size 2 "
Rotor Diameter 15"
Rotor weight including tools  300 ibs
Overall weight 1036lbs 470kg
Mini Excavator Size  3.5-8 ton class