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MX530 Fixed tooth Mulcher 5-12 ton Excavator 30-75 LPM


$21,995.00 NZD inc GST

$19,126.10 NZD exc GST

MX530 Brush Mulcher for Excavator


Baumalight  MX530 Hydraulic Fixed tooth Brush Mulcher for Excavator 4.5-12 ton This machine is designed to maintain and clear fence lines on farms and entry-level contractor work. This Implement efficiently mulches heavy brush and small trees. The planer-style teeth take small bites and provide the most efficient mulching and cutting. This model operates efficiently, cutting/mulching brush on a variety of terrains and levels, overhead and in ditches


Made in Canada

  • -Integrated Skid Shoes, help the mulcher move smoothly for optimal mulching
  • -Carbine-tipped teeth, in Ripper or Planer styles, providing efficient and heavy-duty mulching action
  • -Bolt-on, replaceable teeth
  • -Spiral tooth pattern, allowing one tooth to engage at a time
  • -V notch. The force and impact of mulching require carbine blades in the hardened holder to absorb impact from all directions
  • -Overtorque Protection Relief Valve. When an obstacle hits the relief valves, this relieves the hydraulic system from pressure spills
  • -Protective steel cover that prevents damage from wire fencing-
  • -Heavy-duty frame with T1 alloy tool steel sheet metal for all the main areas.
  • -Powder-coated frame
  • Supplied without hitch and hoses, please email us for what hitches we have available to suit this machine. 


Specifications Units
Path width 1016 mm 40"
Blade width 762 mm 30"
Excavator 4.5-12 ton 
Motor A450 Roller Vane motor
Cutting tooth Carbide tipped Bolt in model S1000
Cutting depth 1.5" above, 1' below level
Cutting speed High Speed
Number of Cutters 64
Rotor shaft size 2 "  50.8mm
Rotor Diameter 15" 381mm
Power Hydraulic flow 8-20 GPM 30-75 LPM
Rotor weight including tools 136KG
Case Drain  Recommended over 3000 PSI 
Overall Weight  470 Kg