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Euro Quick hitch Auto Locking Pin on


$1,195.00 NZD inc GST

$1,039.15 NZD exc GST

Sierra Euro quick hitch Auto Locking Coupler  Pin on loader


This is and automatic locking Coupler for a Euro hitch loader. It makes life easier with a quick hitch letting you pick up the most common type of modern loader attachments

Features & Benefits

- It has spring-loaded locking pins for automatic engagement when you crowd back.

- This is a pin-on fit typically for attaching to a twin crowd ram loader.

- The pins for the loader arms are 35mm in diameter

- The overall width between your loader arms can range between 1200mm outside at the widest and 840mm at the narrowest inside 

- You will need to make bushes ( pipe sleeves) to slide over the pins so you can trim them to position your loader arms in the right place centralised between the clevises.


Specifications Units
 Length  1250mm
 Width  580mm
 Height  200mm
 Mounting Clevis Outer to Outer  1200mm
 Mounting Clevis Inner to Inner  840mm


12-month warranty