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Euro Quick Hitch Lever Coupler for Loader

Implements Direct

$950.00 NZD inc GST

$595.00 NZD inc GST

$517.42 NZD exc GST

Euro Hitch, Pin on lever Coupler for Front end loader.


This unit has a spring-loaded locking lever. Equipment is locked in place with just one movement.

It pins to the tractor's loader lift arms. There are sleeves supplied fitted over the pins that can be cut to place each side of the loader arms to centralise the hitch.

Features & Benefits

  • Pins are 30mm with clevises that would accept loader arm spacing (1115mm outer and 860mm for the inner )
  • Saves time-changing implements and offers safe operation.
  • Designed to pick up Euro-standard attachments
  • Capacity 2000Kg


Specifications  Units
 Pin diameter  30mm
 Clevis spacing   between outside  1115mm outer
 Clevis Spacing inside to inside   860mm inner
Mounting Pin Centers 427mm