FUSMA Flail Mulching Mower 1.45 with Manual Side Shift

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Mateng FUSMA Flail Mulching Mower 1.45m with Manual Side Shift.


This Flail Mulching Mower, with manual Side Shift, is an ideal machine for prunings, mowing and mulching, in an orchard/ vineyard setting 


-Manual side shift with adjustable offset to left 920mm, offset to right 1080mm (from centre of tractor)

-18 forged and hardened hammer flails, with aerodynamic pointed centre shank to help prevent grass build up

-Category 1, 3 point linkage (cat 2 bushes provided), with floating top link pin and fixed lower hitch points

-Self tensioning belt system

-Suits 25-50 HP ( if fitting to smaller tractor please pay attention to the weight of the mower )

-Adjustable skids with rear roller and mud scraper

-Chain debris curtain at the front

-Optional hydraulic side shift with hoses





Overall Width

Cutting Width 1450mm  
Depth 830mm  

Overall Height

Weight 354kg  
Offset dimensions

Manual side shift with Offset to left 920mm Offset to right 1080mm from centre of tractor

Number of hammers 18  
Linkage 3 point linkage CAT 1 (with floating toplink pin & fixed lower hitch pts) CAT 2 bushes provided  
Tractor power range  25-50 HP  
Rotor Rpm 2160  
Rotor Diameter and thickness  (108 x 8)  
Number of Belts 3 (Gates V Belts)  
PTO Series 4  

Steel thickness

5mm (rear door double skin 4mm)  
Mower deck thickness 4mm  
Side thickness 6mm  
Skids depth 8mm  
Flail diameter tip to tip 340mm  


Made in China

09 414 2593

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