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Garlic Planter. Automatic 4 row

Implements Direct

$9,195.00 NZD inc GST

$7,995.66 NZD exc GST

Garlic Planter. Automatic 4 Row


This is an adjustable ground-driven planter, suitable for Category 2 3 point linkage, with quality design and materials, manufactured in the EU. 

This is a 4-row automatic Garlic planter, also used for planting broad beans, onions and tulips etc.


Features & Benefits

  • -Planting width and depth is adjustable with guide wheels for establishing planting depth
  • -Planting density is also adjustable with 3 settings, 80, 120, and 150mm
  • -Seating for 2 people
  • -Adjustable furrowing and furrow closure




Overall Width

Planting Width Adjustable from 250-400mm
Planting rows 4
 Length 2200mm


Weight 280kg
Planting depth Adjustable spacing, depending on the needs of the farmer
Planting density Adjustable gears to 80mm. 120mm, 150mm
Tractor 45HP Category 2

Made in the EU