Hanmey WCX5 PTO Wood Chipper

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The Hanmey WCX5 PTO driven wood chipper has a direct drive rotor with 4 blades , It is a self feeding design the hopper is mounted at an angle to the rotor this controls the flow of branches, limbs and brush. 

The wood is dragged into the chipper by the blade pulling at it as it cuts at an angle, so you can be ready with the next piece, keeping your hands well away from the business end in the process.
This chipper is ideal for tractors 18-45 HP 
The feed chute folds up easily and securely, making it easy to travel with on narrow paths and to store in the shed.


100mm Capacity - 127mm Maximum diameter.
Four hardened tool steel reversible blades for extended life
Four blower paddles with twig breakers combined with the air intake holes reduces clogging and fires the chips where you want them.
Discharge hood rotates 270º
Direct drive - no high maintenance belts or pulleys

Air suction venting in the chipper housing for more effective distribution of chips
PTO shaft with Shear bolt protection + some spare shearbolts 

Made by Hanmey in China , this quality wood chipper is perfect for small farms and lifestyle blocks and this is a very well proven design here in NZ , Australia and in many other countries.

Dimensions 1092x1397x1676mm
Rotor Knives


Rotor Size


Rotor weight


Maximum Capacity 


Chipper housing opening

127 x 254mm

Discharge Hood Rotation

270 degrees

Discharge Hood Height



540-1000 RPM

Tractor HP 

18 HP-45 HP


229 KG 


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