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Hanmey WCX5 PTO Wood Chipper


$3,295.00 NZD inc GST

$2,865.22 NZD exc GST

Hanmey WCX5 PTO Driven Wood Chipper


The Hanmey WCX5 is a well-built PTO Wood Chipper it is perfect for small orchards and lifestyle blocks. It is a very well-proven design here in NZ and Australia where we have been selling it for over 10 years. It's built using the latest technology by Hanmey Implements in China. The WCX-5 has been designed with features that give it higher specifications than other similar-looking chippers. It's those upgrades that make it the best choice for chipping wood and branches around the farm, lifestyle block or orchard it's quick easy and efficient.

Features & Benefits

- The Hanmey WCX5, has a direct drive rotor, (no belts and pulleys to go wrong)

- It has 4 reversible blades made of hardened tool steel, for durability, these can be turned over to be used on a fresh cutting edge giving you 2 goes with each blade before it needs sharpening or replacement

- There are 4 blower paddles with twig breakers combined with air intake holes in the body to create higher airflow and reduced clogging. This feature and the air suction venting in the chipper housing improve the distribution of the chips.

- It is self-feeding by design, the hopper is mounted at an angle to the rotor which allows the blades to pull in the branches and limbs as it cuts them at an angle pulling in as it cuts.

- The output chute rotates 270°

- The feed chute folds up easily making the unit more compact to travel with on narrow tracks and to store in the shed.

- This chipper is suitable for tractors of 18-45HP It can be used on larger tractors as the supplied PTO shaft has Shearbolt protection. 

- If fitted to larger tractors adaptor bushes for the Category 1 linkage pins would be required to increase to category 2. ( bushes available in our parts section)


Specifications Units
Width 1676mm
Length 1092mm
Height 1397mm
Rotor Knives


Rotor Size


Rotor weight


Maximum Capacity 


Chipper housing opening

127 x 254mm

Discharge Hood Rotation

270 degrees

Discharge Hood Height



540-1000 RPM

Tractor HP 

18-45 HP


229 KG 


Category 1


Key Differences in the Hanmey WCX-5 Chipper vs Other similar looking chippers 

5" /127mm Maximum capacity  many similar size chippers are only 100mm 

Larger more heavy-duty blades, WCX5 tool steel blades  are larger in all dimensions and the thickness is  10mm on the WCX5  vs only 7mm on other similar-looking chippers 

The blades are also held on with larger blade bolts 10mm vs 6mm 

Reinforced rotor, The WCX5 rotor has an additional plate behind the blower paddles increasing the rigidity of the structure and durability of the rotor.

It comes with an operator's manual which is stored in a handy manual storage canister that's bolted to the body of the chipper, not only that but the manual is in English and clear and concise.

We assemble these chippers in NZ  they are shipped out on a pallet with a minimal assembly of the output chute required by the user( instructions for doing this are provided in the manual!)

The WCX5 has a  2 Year Warranty