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Bolt on Hydraulic 3 Point Linkage CAT 1


$1,195.00 NZD inc GST

$1,039.15 NZD exc GST

Novaquip Bolt on 3-point linkage with hydraulic lift.

Category 1 3-point linkage which can be bolted onto tractor chassis or similar.
featuring its own hydraulic ram which lifts the 2 adjustable linkage arms up or down.

Around 300mm of vertical travel in the linkage balls, with the arms coming up to about 90º when the ram is fully retracted, although the mounting point for the hydraulic ram can be moved up or down about 50mm also.

The length of the linkage arms is 420mm from the centre of the pivot pin to the ball that the implement pin attaches to.

The linkage arms spread from 400-750mm centres in width for pickup of implement pins.(680mm being common pin spacing)

There is 420mm from the lower link pivot point to the top link pin centres although there are multiple holes where the top link pin could be positioned depending on where the hydraulic cylinder is mounted.

The back mounting plate that can be attached to the tractor chassis or similar has mounting slots 150mm centres 220mm long vertical orientation
There is a sister plate that comes bolted onto this, which could be welded to the front of the tractor or with the aid of some longer bolts used to sandwich onto the front cross member/ bumper.

This unit would let you easily mount a 3-point attachment onto the front of your tractor, such as a tipping dirt scoop, or grader blade or pallet fork etc.

There are some manual top link options we can offer to go onto this also .

Weight 40 KG 
Sizes 500mmx500mmx500mm
Tractor Linkage   category 1 
Finish Powder coated steel