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Iris IODD750A Multi Spreader with Side Conveyors Hydraulic Drive


$11,995.00 NZD inc GST

$10,430.44 NZD exc GST

Iris IODD750SC  Multi Spreader with twin side dressing attachments allows you to apply fertiliser, gypsum, lime or mulch under rows of trees/vines on each side of the tractor in 1 pass. This one machine will spread it all! It is the perfect all-round solution for spreading lime, composts and manures, sand, Granular fertiliser and woodchip etc.


-Quick and easily removable side dressing attachments but also includes standard deflector 180 broadcast spreading

-The twin stainless steel spinners are hydraulic driven.

-Spinner speed controls the spreading width (hydraulic flow controller fitted for adjusting)

-The shutter system is hydraulic controlled

-Shutter 1 works is a large opening for controlling manure, compost and larger materials
-Shutter 2 has butterfly openings to control granular-type fertilisers

-Auger and agitator system:
The twin feed auger pulls the materials into the hopper. The agitator stops the bridging of material to ensure smooth flow.
Both are driven by hydraulic motors and have variable speed adjustments to control the feed rate.

This machine will require a minimum of 2 pairs of hydraulic services to operate 1 service to run the spinners, feed auger and agitator. Another service to run is either the granular shutter or compost shutter, depending on your spreading.




Overall Width


Hopper Width

Length 1380mm
Height from ground 1330mm


970L (0.97 m3)
Weight (empty) 300kg 
Spreading diameter 180 degrees, 8-24 m range
Attachment 3 Point Linkage CAT 1-2
Spinner and shutter system (stainless steel) Hydraulic 
Auger and aggitator Hydraulic 
Hopper material

Stainless steel