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Iris Viking 1500 Spreader with twin Side Dressing attachment


$26,595.00 NZD inc GST

$23,126.10 NZD exc GST

Iris Viking 1500 Spreader with side band spreading attachments


The Iris Viking 1500 Multi Spreader will spread granular fertiliser, compost or lime i

It features a  hydraulic drive system with  500mm wide stainless steel mesh chain conveyor and twin spreading discs with side dressing attachments to band spread lime, mulch etc under orchard rows.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stainless mesh conveyer: It conveys exact amounts of fertilizer or sand and is more durable than rubber conveyors
  • Stainless steel parts:  the hopper, feeding conveyor belt, spinner disc, vanes and deflector plate
  • Relief valve : The durability of the hydraulic motor that rotates the spinner disc is improved including a relief valve (It controls the  shock pressure that occurs when the motor stops)
  • The speed of the spinner disc and feeding conveyor belt can be controlled by a hydraulic control valve. 





Hopper Capacity


Nominal Capacity

1500kg. (1.5) tonne

Width 1850mm
Length 1960mm
Height 1458mm


780 Litres (0.78m3)
Weight 700kg (empty)
Spreading width 20-25 meters (broadcast )( side dresser maybe less distance)
Attachment 3 Point Link
Spinner and shutter system Hydraulic 
Spinner Discs width 600mm
Mesh chain width 500mm
Hopper material

Stainless steel




3-point link mounted


Category 2


Made by Iris Spreaders in Korea

The side diressers can be unbolted and a standard deflection plate is included so the spreader can be used for Broadcast spreading also.