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Multi Spreader IOD-900-H 1160L Hydraulic Drive and Self loading


$8,995.00 NZD inc GST

$7,821.76 NZD exc GST

Multi Spreader IOD-900-H 1160L (Hydraulic drive and Self loading)


Iris Multi Spreader 1160L (IOD-900H) is self loading, with hydraulic tip, for easy self loading of manure and fertiliser. The hopper is fitted with a replaceable wear blade so it can back into the piles and scoop up the load. It is the perfect all round solution for spreading lime and silicates, as well as organic enviromentally friendly composts and manures, sand, salt and woodchip etc.  


-The patented double shutter system handles the smaller granulated materials (3-6m spread) and can be adjusted  manually to distribute larger materials (8-16m spread)-Spinner, Auger and Agitator are all hydraulic driven.

-Hydraulic spinner and feed auger: The auger pulls the materials into the hopper. The agitator stops the bridging of material to ensure smooth flow.

-Both are driven by hydraulic motor and have variable speed adjustment to control the feed rate.

-Spinner and shutter system:

-The single spinner is hydraulic driven and controls the spreading width

- Shutter 1 works for controlling manure and larger materials

-Shutter 2 has butterfly openings to control granular type fertilsers and lime.

-Loading Ram requires 1 hydraulic service





Length 1320mm
Height 1330mm 


1160 Litres 
Weight 360kg 
Spreading diameter  8-12 m 
Attachment 3 Pt link
Spinner and shutter system (stainless steel) Hydraulic 
Auger and aggitator Hydraulic 
Hopper material

Stainless steel

Minimum top link width


  Please Note: For tipping function of the cutting edge to reach the ground you need 850mm of lift height between the ground and the centre of the

linkage arm hole