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Multi Spreader IOD600H Self Loading 780L


$8,995.00 NZD inc GST

$7,821.76 NZD exc GST

Iris Multi Spreader 780L  Hydraulic Drive, with self-loading function 


Iris IOD600H Multi Spreader 780L  with hydraulic-driven spinner also tips over for easy loading of materials like mulch or compost. The IOD600H can spread granular fertiliser, lime, or compost. It is the perfect all-around solution for spreading lime and granular fert , as well as organic environmentally friendly composts, manures and woodchip. The patented double shutter system lets change easily the outlet size from Granular fet to organic compost 


-Hydraulic drive spinner and feed auger

-Hydraulic tipping

-Manual adjustment of a butterfly valve for controlling granular type fertilisers and lime.

-Manual adjustment of compost shutter for manure and larger materials

-Removable side discharge unit, Standard deflector is also included for normal 180-degree spreading

-Both the feeding Agitator and Spinner are driven by 1 hydraulic service

-Loading Ram requires 1 hydraulic service





Length 1500mm
Height (excluding cover) 1330mm 


780 Litres 
Weight (empty) 280kg 
Spreading diameter manure and compost 3-6 m
Spreading diameter granular fertilisers and lime 8-16m
Attachment 3 Point Linkage
Spinner and shutter system Hydraulic-driven
Auger and agitator Hydraulic 
Hopper material

Stainless steel

Minimum top link width

720 mm

 NB: For the tipping function of the cutting edge to reach the ground you need 850mm lift height between the ground and the centre of the linkage armhole