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S18 Excavator/ Skidsteer Stump grinder


$10,595.00 NZD inc GST

$9,213.05 NZD exc GST

Baumalight S18 Stump grinder 10-15 GPM 37-57 LPM with  Green Teeth


The S18 skid steer stump grinder is designed to go on both skidsteers and small excavators. With a quick pull of two pins, a standard size skidsteer plate can be put on as well. The direct flow hydraulic drive is designed to provide the best torque and RPM to the cutting head as no flow is diverted to a swing cylinder. The unique positioning of the rotor allows the operator an excellent view of the stump grinding action, and the heavy duty fixed deflector safely directs the flow of debris. Cutting depth is up to 10" below ground.


Mounting plates  not included but are available seperately for different carrier types, please email us for more details.  


Made in Canada

-Carbide Tipped. Like the finest saw blades, the cuttung teeth on stump blasters are Carbide tipped for reliable durable cutting performance.

-6 Free teeth.  All S18 Stump Grinders come with a free set of 6 replacement teeth. These replacement teeth are conveniently shipped in the owner’s manual tube bolted to the frame.

-More Teeth. The high number of teeth means that each tooth needs to do less work. Each of the Stump Blasters teeth only need to make a small cut, because the work is shared by more of our rugged teeth they last longer. The bolt-on designed teeth allow for straightforward replacement.

For best results, match your equipments flow rate to one of our available hydraulic motor options. 

-More Clearance. The Stump Blaster’s carbide teeth extend a full 1-¼ inches from the rotor. This prevents chips and mulch from getting plugged. More chip clearing produces smoother operation and reduces heat build-up that can damage the rotor and cause premature tooth failure.

-Rotor. The massive ¾" thick steel rotor provides the back bone for the Stump Blaster cutting system. It’s the anchor for the carbide tipped teeth. For smooth operation it’s important that the rotor remains solid, with no flexing. The rugged rotor also provides the Stump Blaster with the extra momentum needed when the grinding is tough, making sure the Stump Blaster can power through the hardest stumps.

-Greasable pins. Our grease pins are zinc plated to prevent corrosion which will allow for smoother operation of the units joints over their lifetime.



Specifications Units
Recomended Hydrualic Flow  12-22 GPM or 45-80 LPM 
PSI 2500-3000 PSI
Motor S450  Gerotor Roller Vane Motor
RPM at Max flow 520
Rotor 24" 457mm
Teeth 34 Carbide teeth (S1000)
Recomended carrier size  1.5-4.5 ton
Cutting Wheel speed Depends on Gpm
Cutting height No limit
Cuttuing depth 10 "below ground 254 mm
Max cutting depth per pass 5" 127mm
Max Horizontal cut  22" 558mm
Swing Arc Self Feeding
Shipping weight 642lbs 291 Kg