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Stone burier with Seeder 1.45m


$8,595.00 NZD inc GST

$7,473.93 NZD exc GST

Sierra Stone Burier 1.45m with Seeder


The Sierra Stone Burier is ideal for landscaping and turf preparation, as it buries heavier stones and debris whilst also levelling the ground and leaving a fine-tiled surface ready for seeding. It is perfect for refinishing green areas rotovating and tiling paddocks and pastures, new development, house sites and gardens

The Stone burier is a reverse rotation rotary hoe that filters the soil and buriers the stones allowing the fine soil on top to make a perfect seedbed. The Seedbox mounted between the hoe and the roller drops the seeds at the selected rate which are then compressed into the ground with the roller. 


- Side transmission with Chain drive. 
- Category 1n 3 point linkage with about 120mm of side shift. 
- The rotor features 7 Flanges with 4 blades per flange (28pcs)
- Adjustable seed box
- Adjustable rear roller
- Brush and scraper on the rear roller to help prevent clogging



Overall Width

Working Width 1350mm 
Depth 1450mm



Tilling depth

Weight 400kg
PTO Series 4  with shear bolt
Tractor 28-45 HP (Category 1 Compact tractors)