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Universal Euro quick hitch Adaptor Blank Weld on


$1,395.00 NZD inc GST

$1,195.00 NZD inc GST

$1,039.15 NZD exc GST

Sierra Universal Euro hitch Quick hitch Adaptor ( blank) 


This Universal Quick hitch adaptor has a blank backing for you to weld your own mounting onto. Used to picked up euro hitch attachments.

Features & Benefits

-The quick hitch frame has 75mm Square tube backing with a 1200 mm x 450mm mounting area

-It is designed to ISO standards to pickup Euro hitch attachments 

-This universal quick hitch gives you many options, you could weld other mounting brackets to it to covert from one quick hitch style to pick up euro hitch, Or you could weld suitable clevis mounts on it to covert your old loader over to euro hitch.

-This unit has a side-activated locking lever making it easier to use in different applications

-If fitting to a centre crowd ram loader it's recommended to brace the top and bottom box sections together in the centre. 


Specifications  Units
Weight 79kg
Width of mounting area 1200mm
Height of mounting area 450mm
Square tube backing 75mm
Depth  200mm